Meet The Team

Brian Vigorita

Brian Vigorita, a dynamic entrepreneur and co-owner of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf, brings a wealth of experience to the realm of fitness, marketing, and healthcare education. As the owner of Powerhouse Gym, Brian has spearheaded a fitness empire known for its cutting-edge facility and commitment to fitness and well-being. With a remarkable 27 years of experience in marketing, Brian serves as the Creative Director for a Healthcare Education company, driving innovative strategies to impart crucial knowledge in the healthcare sector. His passion for fitness and marketing has played a pivotal role in the creation and success of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf.

Glen Beram

Glen Beram, a dedicated high school math teacher and co-owner of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf, brings an unwavering commitment to education and community engagement. In addition to his role in shaping young minds, Glen is the proud owner of A+ Tutoring Services, where he extends his passion for education beyond the classroom. With a focus on creating an inclusive and active environment, Glen contributes his expertise to the flourishing success of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf, where sports and education seamlessly intersect.

Russell Tigges

Dr. Russell Tigges, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon, and co-owner of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf, bring a unique blend of medical expertise and passion for sports to the venture. With a distinguished career in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Tigges has dedicated himself to enhancing the mobility and well-being of his patients. His deep understanding of the human body, coupled with a genuine love for sports, significantly contributes to the success and safety of Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf. Driven by a commitment to both health and recreation, Dr. Tigges plays a crucial role in ensuring the facility’s standards meet the highest medical and athletic standards.

Kevin Moore

With over 10 years in the golf industry, Kevin has found a passion for bringing his knowledge and understanding of the game to his students. US Kids, Stack, Super Speed certified, Callaway Top 100 fitter Kevin has extensive experience fitting/repairing clubs and teaching players of all levels, Kevin is a true student of the game from all angles. “I aim to take a holistic approach to teaching, by helping you understand your body mechanics, mental game, equipment, and on-course strategy. Together we will work to reach your goals and make golf fun!”

Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson is a prominent figure in the world of pickleball, serving as the Director of Pickleball for Hudson Valley Pickleball and Golf. A Certified IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) Master Teachin Pro since 2009,

Henderson has dedicated his career to both playing and teaching this rapidly growing sport. Since 2015, Ken has been at the helm of Traveling Pickleball Pros, where he has imparted his knowledge through clinics, workshops, and camps to thousands of players across 20 states.

In 2019, Ken Henderson received recognition in Forbes Magazine for his outstanding work in hosting corporate pickleball events and clinics, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the pickleball community. Ken’s prowess on the court is undeniable. He claimed the Gold Medal in the 5.0 Level Singles Category at the US Open in 2018 and followed it up with a Silver Medal in the same category in 2019 in Naples, Florida. His success continued at the US Nationals in 2018, where he secured the Bronze Medal in both Singles and Doubles tournaments.

Ken Henderson’s tournament record boasts an impressive tally of over 60 Gold and Silver Medals in regional and national competitions, showcasing his consistency and excellence in 5.0 play. Collaborating with pickleball legends such as Dave Weinbach and Coach Mo from the Villages in Florida, Ken has co-directed world-class pickleball clinics, camps, and workshops.
Widely recognized as a top player nationally in the competitive arena, Ken Henderson has also earned acclaim in teaching circles as one of the best coaches in the Northeast.

His dual expertise as a player and instructor has made him a sought-after figure, contributing significantly to the growth and popularity of pickleball in the Hudson Valley region and beyond.